Zeta - Bruticon [Set of 5] Box Set

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Zeta Toys - ZA-06 Bruticon Set of 5 Figures includes all 5 Zeta figures to form the mighty Bruticon!

Bruticon one of the largest combiners ever stands approximately 55CM tall in combined robot mode!

Set includes:
Blitzkrieg, Racket, Uproar, Whirlwind and Takeoff in a box set packaging.
Each figure includes combiner parts and weapons as shown.

Set Includes:
- Zeta Toys - ZA-01 Take Off 
- Zeta Toys - ZA-02 Whirlwind 
- Zeta Toys - ZA-03 Blitzkrieg 
- Zeta Toys - ZA-04 Uproar 
- Zeta Toys - ZA-05 Racket 
- Combiner Parts to Form Bruticon
- Individual Weapons

ESTIMATED ARRIVAL: Late October 2019