X-Transbots - MX-XIV Flipout

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The robot mode stands approx 16cm tall.
Transform from a sports car to robot and back.
Can combine with 4 other robots to form Monolith(aka G1 Menasor)!!

Featuring :


-Instruction manual *1

-3rd replacement face for Crackup*1

-Bio Card*1

-Rubber Tyres

-Clear car window

-Ratchet joints

-Metallic paintings on car and robot

-Chest, thighs, feet die cast


The Berserkars Team consists of 5 figures as :

-Berserkars  AKA Stunticons

-Monolith  AKA Menasor

-Gravestone AKA Motormaster

-Crackup  AKA Breakdown

-Flipout   AKA Wildrider

-Overheat AKA Drag Strip

-Deathwish AKA Dead End



ETA - Late November  2018