Transformers - WFC Trilogy: Ultra Magnus Spoiler Pack [Exclusive]

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    The Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Trilogy Leader Ultra Magnus Spoiler Pack - Exclusive is a heck of a gift set! The ammo container-shaped closed box pops open to reveal tons of spoilers for the Netflix War for Cybertron series written in the native alphabet of Cybertron!

    The Ultra Magnus toy converts to armored truck mode in 26 steps and includes 12 weapon and armor accessories to build up the figure.

    Also includes Battlefield Rung figure with epic Energon-infused deco. Comes with 3 Energon cubes hidden inside a mysterious compound. Fans can imagine digging the valuable Energon out to fuel the battle! Includes 2 figures, compound, 3 Energon cubes, accessories, and instructions.

    There are lots of other fun things to dig up - there's even Play-Doh inside with hidden Energon Cubes, plus a pink Battle Masters-class Rung figure with C.O.M.B.A.T. energy blasts.

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