Transformers - WFC Golden Disk Collection Chapter 1: Road Ranger & Puffer


    The Golden Disk is a powerful artifact with the ability to reveal knowledge of the past, the future, and of the infinite possible destinies throughout time. Discover an alternate timeline in which the quantum surge that mutated many Maximals and Predacons into Transmetals, goes very differently… The quantum surge causes a time vortex, intercepting the GoBot Road Ranger and the Autobots Pipes and Huffer, pulling them through time and space. During the wild journey through the vortex, Huffer and Pipes fuse and arrive on prehistoric Earth as Puffer.

    Autobot Road Ranger, the GoBot you were waiting for, and Autobot Puffer figures convert into their truck modes in 15 and 16 steps.

    Autobot Road Ranger comes with blaster and shield accessories, features deco based on his 2004 GoBots release.

    Autobot Puffer comes with 2 blaster accessories and features a fun fan nod (insert nod here). The Golden Disk Collection includes 4 exciting packs, featuring fan-favorite characters involved in the mysterious story of an alternate timeline!

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