Transformers - Studio Series: 69 Devastator [Eight Pack]

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    Unleash the power of Devastator! This pack includes all 8 collectible Constructicon figures that convert and combine into one large Devastator figure.

    This Studio Series 69 Devastator 8-pack features all 8 collectible Constructicon figures inspired by Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen with additional movie-inspired deco that did not appear in the original releases. The figures combine to form the Devastator figure in 11 steps. Figures also convert between robot and construction vehicle modes. Remove extra-large backdrop to showcase the massive Devastator in the Pyramid Desert Battle scene. Includes 3 detailed accessory. Kids ages 8 and up!

    8 figures are included in this one big box. Set includes Constructicon Skipjack, Constructicon Long Haul, Constructicon Scrapper, Constructicon Overload, Constructicon Mixmaster, Constructicon Scavenger, Constructicon Hightower, and Constructicon Scrapmetal figures. Pack also includes 3 accessories.

    • Get the entire team - build the massive Revenge of the Fallen Devastator with this boxed set!
    • Figures include unique deco you won't see from other releases of this team.
    • They're big, nasty, and ready to smash the Autobots!


    AVAILABILITY: Special Order [In Stock with Overseas Supplier]
    ESTIMATED ARRIVAL: 2 - 4 Weeks from date of Order


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