Transformers Legacy: Deluxe Wave 1 [Set of 4]


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      Further Information

      The entire multiverse is in for a heavy metal war with the Transformers Generations Legacy Deluxe figures! Each amazing robot features awesome weapons, intense detailing, and fantastic paint! These figures for older fans draw inspiration from decades of Transformers cartoons, comics, and toys.

      The Transformers Generations Legacy Deluxe Wave 1 contains 4 individually packaged action figures:

      • 1x Skids
      • 1x Stunticon Dragstrip
      • 1x Prime Arcee
      • 1x Insecticon Kickback 

        AVAILABILITY: Pre-Order Deposit
        ESTIMATED ARRIVAL: July 2022 (estimated date / subject to change).

        Full Price : $139.95

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