Transformers - Generation Selects: Super Megatron (Takara Tomy Mall Exclusive)

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Generations Select's Super Megatron has both a space gunship mode and triple-barrelled tank mode. The two robot modes differ in cannon configurations and details of the chest and forehead. A third robot mode with a monstrous face (inspired by his live-action film counterpart's mask in The Last Knight) was also designed and given the name "Ultra Megatron Omega". 

Standing approx 7 inches tall, fitting in somewhere between Voyager and Leader size, Super Megatron changes from robot mode, to tank then jet and back again. He comes with weapons and accessories. Presented in Generations Select packaging.

  • Authentic Takara Tomy Product as sold in Japan.
  • This figure converts from robot to interstellar starship mode
  • Based on the character from Japanese manga, The Battlestars
  • Includes: Super Megatron figure and fusion cannon weapon accessory
  • Fusion cannon accessory can be attached in different configurations in both modes

    ESTIMATED ARRIVAL: March 2021 (estimated date / subject to change).

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