Transformers - Generation Selects: Decepticon Sandstorm

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    It's the G2 Sandstorm figure fans have been waiting for since the 90s. For the first time, fans can add the elusive character to their collection! This special edition WFC-GS21 Decepticon Sandstorm figure is inspired by the mockup of the never released G2 figure, featuring desert camo deco and a ferocious snarling face on the nose of the jet mode. This Decepticon Sandstorm figure converts from robot to jet mode in 25 steps and comes with 2 null ray accessories that can attach to the figure in robot and jet modes.

    Includes Generations Selects Voyager Class Decepticon Sandstorm figure, 2 accessories, and instructions.

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    ESTIMATED ARRIVAL: December 2021 (estimated date / subject to change).

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