TFC TOYS - STC-01B - Supreme Tactical Commander (Original ver.)

Sold Out

STC-01B stands approx 24cm, and converts from vehicle, to robot, and has base mode as shown!

Product information:
- MP series scale,24cm in normal and 29cm in hyper mode.
- New design with high articulation.
- Rubber tires + pressure system+scout tank+ detachable missiles.
- 5mm standard weapon socket.
- Original battle base mode added!
- Can connect/interact with Titan Master / Diaclone pilots (sold separately) in both modes!

Product Includes:
- 1 x Commander robot  
- 1 x Hyper mode armour (transform into the latter part in vehicle mode)
- 1 x Scout tank 
- 1 x Laser cannon

Estimated Arrival - November 2018

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