Takara Tomy - Official Flight Stand - Clear

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This clear flight stand allows you to pose your favorite Transformers in battle! With a connector peg you can attach this stand to many movie and MP Transformers. Note: some toys can only be displayed in one mode (alt or robot) using this stand dependent on the peg location.



Here's a list from Takara of what toys are compatible with the flight stand in select modes:
- MP-25 Masterpiece Tracks 

- MP-26 Masterpiece Road Rage 
- MP-27 Masterpiece Ironhide 
- MP-28 Masterpipece Hot Rod 
- LG04 Roadbuster
- LG06 Sky byte 
- LG09 Brainstorm 
- LG10 Arcee 
- LG13 Megatron 
- LG15 Nightblade Shadow 
- AD02 Classic Optimus Prime 
- AD04 Classic Bumblebee 
- AD05 Dinobot Scorn 
- AD06 Crosshairs 
- AD07 Slag 
- AD21 Hound 
- AD22 Galvatron 
- AD23 Drift 
- AD24 Strafe 
- AD25 Dinobot Sludge
- AD27, AD28, AD29, AD32