SOUL OF CHOGOKIN - GX-78 Dragonzord

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GX-78 Dragonzord

Appear! A long-awaited patron saint of the superalloy soul, Dragonzord from Power Rangers!

The highest grade Dragonzord conscious of the three elements of movable, deformed, and united.
Besides beautiful proportions in the works, as well as the super alloy soul original Dragon Antler deformation gimmick is built in!

Early in history! Original gimmick of superalloy soul.
From the chest of Dragonzord, develop Dragon Antler, you can reproduce Tsuyoshin with no surplus parts by combining with “Superalloy Soul GX-72 Megazord” (sold separately)!
Parts for TV version Dragon Antler that conscious of the proportions in the play are also included.

Combined with “Superalloy Soul GX – 72 Megazord” (sold separately), you can reproduce the Megazord of the Empire!

■ Product Specifications
Total Height: Approximately 230 mm
Material: ABS, PC, made by die casting

■ Set Contents
· Body
· Tail parts (base)
· Tail parts (tip)
• Replacement wrist parts left and right
· Parts for TV version Dragon Antler

Stands at 23 cm tall

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