Iron Studios - X-Men Archangle 1:10 Scale Statue


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Recruited by Prof. X for the original formation of the X-Men, the mutant Warren Worthington III begins his heroic career known as Angel, for his great white wings developed in adolescence.
At the event called ”Massacre of the Mutants”, Warren lost his original wings. Afterwords he was seduced by the villain Apocalypse who, after several genetic changes, transformed Warren by giving him blue skin and organic metal wings.
He assumed the title ”Death” among the Knights of the Apocalypse.
After breaking free from the villain’s control, he adopted the name Archangel, and started using his new powers for good once again.


  •  Limited edition
  •  Made in polystone
  •  Hand painted
  • Psylocke Not Included

Product dimensions: 15.7 in (H) x 12.9 in (W) x 7.4 in (L)
Product Weight: 3 lbs

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      ESTIMATED ARRIVAL: June - September 2021 (estimated date / subject to change).

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