Hexa Gear - Steelrain

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Model Specifications:

  • This attack helicopter can be converted from “Vehicle Mode” into “Humanoid Mode”
  • The closed cockpit can be opened and closed, allowing a separately sold Governor unit to be placed inside.
  • The seat-unit inside the cockpit has a “reclining” and “sliding” feature to adjust to the size of the models being placed inside.
  • This highly detailed cockpit has two types of adjustable levers and adjustable foot pedals installed so that users can fully enjoy arranging the outstanding Governors embarking/disembarking the helicopter.
  • The rotating propellers can be freely rotated and the blades folded.
  • The “armored windbreaker” includes the two types; the internal head unit “back model” and the transparent canopy “front model” for users to select from.
  • The included “20mm Gatling Gun” is can be taken apart and used separately similar to the Heavy Weapon Units. Also, it is compatible with the M.S.G Belt Links to enhance the overall firepower.
  • The included “air-to-surface missiles” can each be taken separately from the pylon. Also, the pylon can be expanded and missiles aligned.
  • By using the included attachments on the main unit and the HEXA-G.R.A.M. system, the included “rocket launcher” can be freely disassembled and expanded. It can also be used by pairing with the attachments that are used to raise the level of freedom for this model kit.
  • Compatible with the separately sold Flying Base Neo to create a dramatic display

Included items:

  • Steelrain Model x1 set
  • 20mm Gatling Gun x2
  • Air-to-Surface Missiles x2
  • Rocket Launcher x2
  • Rocket Launcher Expansion Parts 2 sets
  • Archive Card x1 

      Scale: 1/24
      Product Size : Approx Length 337mm
      Specification: KIT BLOCK

      This product is a model kit. Assemble is required.

      AVAILABILITY: Pre-Order
      ESTIMATED ARRIVAL: October - December 2020 (estimated date / subject to change).

      NEW Deposit Option Available  
      Payments are accepted before release, please contact us to make arrangements.
      Balance and Shipping Costs to be paid in full before item ships. Balances will be invoiced in the lead up to the items release.   
      All orders for this item are subject to a $27.99 cancellation fee.

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