Hexa Gear - Early Governor Vol.1 Jungle Type

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Early Governor Vol. 1 Equipment:

  • Assault Rifle
  • Bullpup Rifle
  • Sub-Machine Gun
  • Handgun
  • Combat Knife
  • Chest Rig
  • Alice Pack

Model Specifications:

  • This model is a color variation of Early Governor Vol. 1
  • This model comes with a variety of military inspired parts allowing you to create a well-equipped soldier.
  • The model comes with five head parts, including parts with shooting goggles and with or without helmets.
  • The model comes with six types of newly designed hand parts and three types of hands from Pawn: A1 for a total of nine hand parts.
  • The Alice Pack can be broken down in to parts, and each part is equipped with a 3mm opening or knob allowing you to connect them in a variety of places on the model.
  • The combat knife and handgun can be stowed in the sheath and holster which can be attached to the model’s thighs.
  • The head parts where the soldier’s face is visible are pre-painted.

Included Items:

  • Early Governor Body x1
  • 5 types of head parts x1 set
  • 9 types of hand parts (six new types)
  • Alice Pack x1 set
  • Assault Rifle x1
  • Sub-Machine Gun x1
  • Handgun x1
  • Holster (with the handgun stored) x1
  • Holster (with the handgun drawn) x1
  • Combat knife x1
  • Knife sheath (with knife stowed) x1
  • Knife sheath (with knife drawn) x1
  • Chest Rig x1
  • PVC Hexa G-R.A.M x1

Scale: 1/24
Product Size : Approx 76mm tall
Specification: KIT BLOCK

This product is a model kit. Assemble is required.

ESTIMATED ARRIVAL: September - November 2020 (estimated date / subject to change).

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