Fans Hobby - MB-09B TRAILER for MB-04 Gunfighter II

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Name: TRAILER (match with MB-04 GUNFIGHTER II)
Dimension: 330mm x 160mm x 97mm(H) (truck mode)
Main materials: ABS 

- Sticker with special artwork created legendary comic artist – Geoff Senior
- With detachable blaster canon (with built-in shell launcher, 6 x shells provided)
- With disc launcher (5 x discs provided)
- With missile launcher (6 x missiles provided)
- Special Firing effect parts x 6 pcs.
- Trailer adaptors for MB-06 & MP-10 included
- Re-inforced forearm brackets x 2 pcs. included
- New sculpted head for MB-04 GUNFIGHTER II
- Base Radar x 1 pc. included

- Trailer can be transformed to a base with strong ammo support
- Built in transformable blaster canon can fit to other MP figures