Takara Tomy Mall Exclusive - MP36+ Megatron

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-36+ Megatron is the Takara Tomy Mall Exclusive Version of Megatron remastered as his G1 Toy Version

Takara Tomy Mall exclusive item.
ETA - April 2019 - Status - Supplier has Shipped.
May - Stock has started to arrive, we have started shipping preorders.
June - Slight delay, Freighter sent wrong stock.
July - The last batch is arriving and shipping Mid-July - Will offer left over stock for sale on website due to cancelled orders. 
We truly appreciate the patience our customers have showed with us getting this stock in. It may of cost us an unnecessary amount of money to finally get the stock [A very poor business decision due to my stubbornness, in hindsight we should of refunded] but we were determined to supply this item to those that ordered.