Happycat Industries - Super Action Stuff!!: Bag of Violence [Action Figure Accessories]

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    Have you ever looked at your favorite action figures and wondered what kind of real trouble they could be getting up to?
    Well, let me tell you, it's not pretty, especially if you've got yourself some Super Action Stuff!! Bag of Violence Action Figure Accessories!

    With these 16 awesomely mundane 1:12 scale plastic accessories from Happycat Industries, your action figures will have something fun to do rather than collect dust.

    Compatible with Marvel Legends, Black Series, GI Joe Classified, Super7 Ultimates, most McFarlane Toys figures, and any other 1:12 and 1:10 scale (6-inch and 7-inch) figures lines, this set will help you take your displays to the next level, whether it's at home or spread across the Web for the all the world to see!

    NOTE: Accessories are not adhesive. A sticky putty is recommended on your figures for a good "grip".

    The Bag of Violence pack comes with:
    • 1x Fireman axe
    • 1x Crowbar
    • 1x Spiked baseball bat
    • 1x Metal bat
    • 8x Blood splatter effects
    • 2x Clear energy effects
    • 1x Short red blast effect
    • 1x Long red blast effect

    Any action figures pictured are not included.

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