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GX-72 Megazord

Finally, the Megazord makes its long awaited return in the Soul of Chogokin line with exquisite Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series-inspired detail and a fully articulated combined mode capable of recreating the most dynamic poses from the show. And just like in the show, the five Dinozords combine into the Beast Tank Dino Tanker form before the final transformation into the Soul of Chogokin Megazord we all remember from the show over 20 years ago!

Each zord is also uniquely crafted with specially articulated gimmicks classic to the Soul of Chogokin line. Along with the zords, this set includes Megazord's Power Sword and features Mastodon's head as a shield. Fans will not want to miss this over 10 inch, meticulously crafted die-cast enhanced GX-72 Megazord figure masterpiece.

■ Product Specifications

Total Height: Approximately 250 mm

■ Set Contents

- Tyrannosaurus figure
- Pterodactyl figure
- Mastodon figrue
- Triceratops figure
- Sabertooth Tiger
- Power Sword

Stands at 25 cm Tall


Estimated Arrival - February 2019