S.H.Figuarts - Dragon Ball Z: Krillin [Battle Armor]


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      Further Information

      From “Dragon Ball Z”, Krillin in Battle Clothes joins S.H.Figuarts!
      It includes four optional expressions: grimacing, shouting, injured, and straight face.
      Use them with optional stomach and back parts to re-create dramatic damage from his fight with the second form Frieza! Following the tradition set by the S.H.Figuarts Dodoria and Zarbon (both sold separately), it also includes a glowing Namekian Dragon Ball (one star)!

      Set Contents:
      • Main Body
      • Four pairs of optional hands
      • Four optional expression parts
      • Optional chest part
      • Optional stomach part
      • Optional back part
      • Glowing Namekian Dragon Ball (one star)
      Stands at 11 cm tall

      *S.H.Figuarts - Dragon Ball Z: Son Gohan [Saiyan Armor] Sold Seperately 

        AVAILABILITY: Pre-Order Deposit
        ESTIMATED ARRIVAL: November - December 2022 (estimated date / subject to change).

        Full Price : $139.95

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