Badcube - OTS-15 Recon

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Recon may not be the most popular bot among his peers, but he is the best at what he does. With super speed and firepower that packs a punch, his only flaw is his overreacting paranoid personality.

Vehicle mode:

Compared to his comrade Steamroll, in the animation his vehicle mode has a siren and modified after a fire brigade vehicle.

Robot mode:

Though similar in transformation to Steamroll, we included a design that's unique to his original robot form in the animation - the head, shoulder cannons, arms, back, and lower legs.


- Changeable headlights

- Short circuit flashing light

- 3 facial expressions (total)

Improvement highlights:

- Paint finish

- Rifle can be stored under the carriage

- Shoulder cannon stays where it was during the transformation from robot to vehicle, and from vehicle to robot. (no partforming)

- Vehicle doors, hood, headlights can be open like a real car

- 4 'real' tires, not fake wheels

- High quality silicone tires

- Better proportion (narrower) chest, much slimmer lower legs, and the correct look on both bots front and backside.

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