Badcube - OTS-14 Steamroll

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Equipped with a high-velocity jetpack. If need be, he can switch it over to his leader to help stop enemies at their tracks.
Steamroll and his brother are always ready for any challenge. They are inspired by reckless acts of courage.

Vehicle mode: Unlike Sunsurge, Steamroll's supercar mode is inspired by a real-life vehicle, yet still keeping the cartoon quality. It highlights the functional hood, car doors, and headlights.

Robot mode: We've redesigned his robot mode to make it more proportional. No more stumpy calf and won't have too wide of a chest.


- Rifle

- 4 types of arm accessories/tools

- 2 facial expressions (total)

- Redhot jet pack that fit Steamroll and his leader

Improvement highlights:

- Paint finish

- Rifle can be stored under the carriage

- Shoulder cannon stays where it was during the transformation from robot to vehicle, and from vehicle to robot. (no parts forming)

- Vehicle doors, hood, headlights can be open like a real car

- 4 'real' tires, not fake wheels

- High quality silicone tires

- Better proportion (narrower) chest, much slimmer lower legs, and the correct look on both bots front and backside. 



ETA - July 2018

**Pictures are for reference only. Final product may vary.**