What's Next?

September is done and dusted, it was a very successful month, the best we have had since we started. We saw a massive 63% increase in traffic and an impressive 26% increase in sales.
October is our sixth month of operation, this month we will achieve a very very big milestone. We can’t wait to share with you all what that is when it happens.

The next couple of weeks will be busy busy busy, we have Fans Toys FT-20B being released very very soon, the second run of FT-10 Phoenix is starting to show up and the MAS-01 Optimus Prime should be here very soon. We are also going to get the well received MAAS TOYS Skiff and some more figures from Fans Hobby plus lots more!!

On another note....
How about we keep the Free Shipping deal going!! 

Same Terms as September’s deal.
If you want postage to a Parcel Locker/ Collection Point or a PO Box a surcharge will apply, please select that shipping option at the checkout.

PS. If we were to hypothetically start branching out to other products, what would you like to see? Star Wars? Marvel? TMNT? etc etc 

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  • Would LOVE to see you guys carrying the Action Robo “Gobots” figures, especially the Super Bike Robo (MP Cy-Kill)! :D

    Possibly NECA figures? – If there’s enough demand?

  • Branching out!?! WOW!

    If there was any way you could gain Playmates VOLTRON series then that would be A.MAZING.

    Transformers is my first toy love, but including products like TMNT would be pretty fantastic too.


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