Update: March 2021

March 2021, where has the time gone, already into the third month of 2021.
It has been quite a while since we have done an update, the last 12 months have been a bit of a blur, more on that in a future post.


Effective immediately we will discontinue using the Zendesk Help desk system.

We became aware of an issue last week where sending emails would only activate a new ticket within the system without the content actually being sent. We tested this ourselves to confirm. We don’t know how long or how often this has been occurring. We are going back to the old fashioned email inbox.

This encompasses the removal of all Zendesk features including the help centre.

All content from the help centre has now transitioned to our new website and been updated where relevant. You can find all of this in the bottom right of the website (on desktop)

Please note the inclusion of a complaints policy.


 We have a lot of released stock tied up in Hong Kong and China, why? Because currently the cost of shipping is ludicrous, the shipping has become more than the cost of the goods. 

Whilst we have come up with solutions for some overdue items, we can’t use this solution for everything. We are hoping prices begin to normalise before we make some hard decisions.


86 studio series wave 2 delayed, our supplier sent us the wrong stock ( We were sent marvel legends cases instead🙄) . The situation is being rectified and hoping we can have it sorted by the end of the month. 




For order enquires the most effective way to contact us is via Contact Us link located in the bottom right corner of our website.

Alternatively you can email us – support@toybotimportz.com.au

Jonathan Uy

Jonathan Uy

What is the email address you will monitor and respond to?

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