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TBI Collectors Crate

The TBI Collectors Crate is our answer to consolidating your orders! 

Simply choose TBI Collectors Crate during checkout when you are presented with the shipping options for your order, and we will "crate" your items.



You can continue to add in stock and pre-order items to your TBI Collectors Crate until you want to ship.

When the Crate has 4 or more items available you are eligible for free shipping.

If you have 3 or less items in your crate but don't want to add another item, you can choose to pay for shipping to get your goods on the way.

Use this link below to ship your Crate - 


Any Questions please ask here.








  • Team TBI

    With this new feature still in its infancy, We are currently trying to figure out a solution, which will involve us getting Shopify developers on board to help (It is beyond our skills).
    Ideally we would like our customers to be able to see what has arrived etc and have them be able to select what to ship.

    But for now it’s going to have to be the old fashioned ask and we will answer approach.

    Alternatively send us a message to let us know if you would like us to just automatically ship when you have 4 items in your Collectors Crate.


  • Kyle

    Is it up to me to keep checking if items that i’ve preordered are in stock before I decide to ship my crate? If you sent out an email saying “All your items are now instock do you wish to ship?” Would be more convienent.

  • Simon Flack

    hi there, is it possible to view the current contents of your crate? I have so many pre-orders going it’s sometimes hard to keep track

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