Next week we will receive our largest shipment ever!! (And we have had some big ones) 

So we are calling next week.....




MP-41 Dinobot is now our highest selling product, outselling a G1 Masterpiece nearly 2:1 (MP-36) 

(It would exceed that but we are all sold out 😅)

Who says Beastwars doesn’t sell 😎


MP-41 Dinobot Beastwars


We will be shipping them in order as quick as we can.

If you already have items that are waiting to be shipped these will be sent with MP-41. 


🙏🏻 Please do not send us messages asking when yours will be sent out, reading and answering will take time away from the packing and sending.

We assure you we will be getting them out ASAP as they will be taking up a LOT of space that we will need.🙏🏻


Thank you all for your continued support of TBI.


Kylie & Stuart




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