First off a big THANK YOU to everyone that participated in our Birthday Celebrations and everyone who joined us for our Live Draw, we had a lot of fun and it was awesome to be able to interact with you all, it is something we plan to do more of in the future!! 

If you haven't watched it GET TO IT :) 


 As mentioned in the Video here is the link to buy the shirt I was wearing :

(I think it was the Tri-Blend)

ALSO because we do get a little kickback from teepublic, provide us with proof that you have purchased a shirt (Tag us in a FB/Twitter/Instagram Picture of the shirt) and we will give you a very super special unique discount code (15% Off)


Here is the list of winners and the bonus items we gave away to the Live viewers -

Teuvo Heikkila - Fans Toys FT-20 Terminus Gigantus 

Luke Li - Takara Tomy Masterpiece Megatron MP36 

Hou Waa Thou - MFT - MF-27 Samurai (six ninja) 

Benjamin Pochrol - MFT - MF-27 Samurai (six ninja)

Sam George - War Hammer Bumblebee 

James Pendrey - War Hammer Bumblebee 

Hou Waa Thou - Star Wars Black Series Kylo Ren 

Damien Teo - Star Wars Black Series Resistance Tech Rose

Ken Reynolds - Star Wars Black Series Maz Kanata 

Clinton Rivera - Final Fantasy TCG - Starter Set - Final Fantasy VII 

Simon Berriman - Final Fantasy TCG - Starter Set - Final Fantasy IX 

Michael hemming - Titans Returns Overlord 

Mark Chiavaroli - Takara - INFOBAR OPTIMUS PRIME 

Adam Templeton - 30th Anniversary Edition Transformers The Movie - (Blu-Ray Disc)


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